Best Portable Blender Reviews To Buy in 2020 For Travel, Outdoor

best portable blender for travel

If you love to travel a lot or you love going for morning fitness and you are not ready to sacrifice your health or miss your delicious smoothies. Get yourself the best portable blender that has the essential element to prepare and store fresh, healthy smoothies in your luggage and save space.

It will save you time, and give you the significant blenders smoothies output when you need fresh smoothies or if you need a drink. So, are you in need of top portable blender that is accessible on-to-go, or you want a better handheld rechargeable portable USB blender.

And you need little knowledge about the one to purchase. You’re in the right place as we are reviewing some of them here. Let’s take a look.

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Top 10 Best Portable Blenders Review

  • Brand: Ayyie
  • Rated power: 100W; DC 7.4V
  • Power supply: Lithium battery USB 5V
  • Item Dimensions: 3.15*3.15*9.84in
  • Blade material: 6 blades 304 stainless steel
  • Material: High Borosilicate Glass
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh(support 10-13cups)
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  • Brand: Kacsoo
  • Motor: 22000 RPM Upgrade Japan Copper Quiet Motor
  • Power supply: Long Lasting USB Rechargable Battery
  • Item Dimensions: 9.45 x 3.05 x 3.05 in
  • Blade material: Powerful Blades
  • Material: Glass
  • Battery Capacity: 5200mAh(support 15-18cups)
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  • Brand: Ninja
  • Watt: 700 watts
  • Colour: Silver/Black
  • Items: Two 16-oz. Nutri Ninja cups, 2 Sip & Seal lids
  • Power: Voltage 120,Frequency 60 hertz
  • Material: Plastic
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  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Watt: 175 watt
  • Colour: Raspberry
  • Item Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 11.9 in
  • Item Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
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  • Brand: Chefavor
  • Capacity: 300ml/10oz
  • Rated Power: 7.4V 50W
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Item Weight: 450g
  • Item Dimensions: 3.74 x 3.43 x 7.2 in
  • Material: BPA Free, Food Grade Tritan, FDA Approved, IP68 Waterproof, SUS 301 stainless steel
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Here are the ten (10) best portable blenders we review, also they are the best mini rechargeable blender in the market. They are traveler, sportsman/woman tools, and easy to use. They are available in attractive colors and are fun to use!

1. Ayyie Rechargeable Portable Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Ayyie USB Blender, unlike some other portable smoothie blender, the Ayyie USB Rechargeable Blender features with food grade PP & high Borosilicate glass, BPA-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Our top selected Ayyie personal rechargeable & multi functional 150z blender built-in 6 PCS SUS304 stainless steel made saw-tooth blades, 20000 rpm rotation speed can smash the fiber in the vegetable easily.

ayyie portable blender

There is a 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery; 10-15 cups of smoothies can be made easier with a full charge. Ayyie portable blenders can be charged through the car, laptop, and power bank, etc. This portable juice blender provides delicious taste ideally for milkshake, juice, protein shake, baby food supplement within a minute. The significant size of this blender perfects for office, home, outdoor and travel.

Uses Hint: Put the cleaned fruit into this mini blender bottle cup, pour some water or milk, double click the button and wait 20 seconds to replace the lid and enjoy it.

Cleanness Hint: Ayyie travel blender cup detachable, easy to clean, easy to flush, jet blender portable wash away residual, personal mini blender fuselage clean with rest assured, no spare parts, remember not to wash the bottom fuselage.

  • It is easy to usenIt has Food grade PP u0026 high Borosilicate glassnIt has free BPA componentsnEasy cleaningnIt is powerfulnEasy to carry
  • No Heat DissipationnThe dishwasher is not safe

2. Kacsoo SPOW Glass Portable USB Rechargeable Blender for Travel

The SPOW mini portable blender is made of BPA free components, durable borosilicate glass, Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and other premium materials. It is a rechargeable blender with a dual-powerful in-built motor of 2 x 2550mAh lithium-ion (Nano king II battery) 7.4V.

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A full charge of Spow mini mixer has durability seven days off-charge, and it is capable of processing a minimum of 15 different juice process. This new wireless juice making was shaped with various parts and a number of upgraded materials that make it more delicate.

The mini blender is versatile functions with easy mobility as well as perfect for making different smoothies, juices, baby food supplement, protein shake, milkshake, etc.; with dual-powered motor, faster speed rotation.

With the sturdy 2 x, 2550mAh lithium-ion and 16500rpm maximum speed have made the ice crushing processing and frozen fruits easy within sections, with easy self-cleaning.

  • It is powerful wireless toolsnIt has a long life spannExtensive Off-charged durability
  • Cleaning is difficult with undetached bladesnGlass component is not advisable for travelingnIt has a restricted temperature of 194 degree

3. Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

This unique mini blender ‘Hamilton Beach 51131’ single-serve blender is made of plastic with compact design and stainless steel blades. It is an efficient 175-watt power unit that provides the necessary power needed for ice crushing and delicious smoothies.

best travel blender for smoothiesVIEW ON AMAZON

The shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing are made with a touch. This unique mini blender has various features ranging from a 14-ounce jar, lid Free BPA which all dishwasher safe.

  • It is cheapnIt saves energynIt is simple and easy operates
  • Not purely perfect for vegetable blendingnIt has leakages issues

4. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending

The 700-watt Ninja personal blender uses pulse technology to blend all ingredients into perfectly smooth vitamin-filled nutrients. It has the power to mix frozen foods and crush ice. Although, this blender is quite nosy doing operation due to its powerful motor.

ninja portable blender

This blender is equipped with two sips and two 16 ounce cups with a well-fitting lid and rim suitable for your deep adventures. The ninja blender is also easy to clean as it can be removed and washed in the dishwasher. Besides, this personal mini blender is safe and even made of 100% BPA-free plastic to prepare baby food.

  • Very lightweightnThicker Plastic Cups for freezer preservationnIt has durable componentsnCups/Lids/Blades are dishwasher safe
  • No, additionally accessories are includednIt is nosy

5. Portable Blender USB Rechargeable For Traveler

This fantastic portable rechargeable blender is a single-serve blender with six 3D Blades for fantastic mixing and personal size traveling juice Cup. The SUS304 stainless steel enables the easy pulverize of the fruits, vegetables into delightful smoothies.

USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

It is efficient for baby food preparation. This blender is made of food-grade PP and ABS, free BPA components in size of 380 ml, which makes traveling easy with its portability. This USB charging device made using 3.7 V lithium batteries 2000mAh that can be in charge with different USB dimension charging availability.

This portable USB blender can be charged, by using a spare motor battery, laptop, etc. 3-4 hours are recommended for the first charging before starting using it. And after the first charged an hour of charging is enough is for the long life span of the battery.

  • It is easy to cleannIt is easy to operatenNot heavynABS, Free BPA components, and Food-Grade PPn6 Blades in 3D shapenDishwasher safe
  • Not strong enough for frozen fruits and Ice

6. Portable Smoothie Blender with Travel Bottle by Yabano

The Yobano Portable Smoothie Blender is a powerful mini blender with several features ranging from 500 power unit, 2 x travel lid, and 2 x 20oz Travel Bottle and Grinder cup for shakes and smoothies with BPA free Components.

best mini blenderVIEW ON AMAZON

The compatibility designs of this portable smoothie’s blender enable the easy mobility of the mixer with 2 x Anti-Slip sleeve for proper handling. This sturdy mini blender is a unique blender with safety lock, Heat Dissipation, Double seal to keep every drop in the bottle.

And it is not limited to smoothies and shakes but is superb in grinding of nuts, seeds, and coffee beans, etc. With the one-touch blending and crushing has done. The Yabano portable smoothie blender has 24 months warranty more than any other personal mini blenders.

  • It is SturdynIt is simple to operatenManually clean is easynIt capable of grinding Nuts, Seeds and othern24 months of warranty
  • The dishwasher is not safe for it cleanses

7. G-TING Portable Rechargeable USB Personal Blender For Travel & Gym (FDA BPA Free)

This portable rechargeable blender comprises of BPA-free components, food-grade stainless steel blades designed to provide quality in the preparation of milkshakes, juices, milkshakes, baby food, and other outlets. With a speed of 18000 rpm + -15%, the portable rechargeable USB mixer provides excellent output.

Portable Rechargeable USB Personal BlenderVIEW ON AMAZON

G-TING Portable Rechargeable USB Personal Blender is equipped with a powerful 4400 mAh rechargeable battery motor that can produce more than 15 cups of juice unplugged.

And it has the capabilities of a fast-charging feature, regardless of the power source, be it power bank, laptop, using power points. Car charging, etc., is done in 3-4 hours.

  • It is easy to usenThe long life span of the batterynIt has a utility containernIt is portable
  • It has overheating issuesnThe dishwashing machine is not advisablenBlades can run without top-off

8. Chefavor Portable USB Rechargeable Blender for Outdoor

Here is another affordable travel blender for smoothies that come with 15 oz capacity and BPA-free components. It has built-in rechargeable lithium batteries of high capacity with six high-quality stainless blades.

USB Rechargeable Blender for OutdoorVIEW ON AMAZON

The adequate rotations pulverize fruits, vegetables, ice within seconds. Smooth drinking’s preparation is easier. This travel blender regarded has power bank by some user has it can use to charge a cell phone, and it has built-in auto-shutoff after the 40s.

This outdoor travel blender can charge by power bank, PC, or any other USB and it has led displayer to show the battery percentage.

  • It is powerfulnIt is portable and easy to cleannIt saves time
  • The dishwasher is not advisablenIt is not efficient for nuts, seeds the likes

9. Chefavor Portable Cordless Personal Blender For Home, Office, Sports, Travel, Outdoors

This Portable juice blender with specification 7.4 voltage and 50Watt is a lightweight with a compact, stylish tumbler of 300ml, PCTG material cup. The BPA-free component makes it perfect for outdoor, sport, travel, office, school, home, etc.

Best portable smoothie blenderVIEW ON AMAZON

The non-toxic, eco-friendly Tritan materials and SUS 301 stainless steel are ideal smoothies, juice, protein shake, baby food supplement, milkshake, salad dressings processors.

This portable juice blender is IP68 waterproof and magnetic contact charging waterproof design, and it required 2-5hrs for the first charge. This hand-held juice blender made smoothies or fresh juice preparation easy anytime, anywhere with wireless mode. It has auto-shutoff and leakage prevention by aligning two white dots.

This portable juice blender is best for travelers, students, sportsmen/women, workers who like instant nutritious juice.

  • It is efficientnIt easy to use and washnBPA-free componentnSUS 301 stainless steel blades
  • It doesn’t work for solid ingredients

10. TTLIFE Portable Personal USB Rechargeable Glass Smoothie Blender

To those that value their health, here is another best powerful portable blender that you can afford. The TTLIFE Portable USB Rechargeable Travel Juicer is a lightweight. It is easy to charge, and the mixer is equally excellent for indoor and outdoor uses.

TTLIFE Portable blender

It has 2 x 2600mAh lithium batteries, 450 ml volume of the cup, 7.4V dual power motor, food-grade borosilicate glass, non-toxic, eco-friendly and more. The features mixer includes four 304 stainless steel blades that easily slice fruits, vegetables, and any ingredients.

Once it charged fully, the blender can blend up to 15-20 times. You can be charged the device through the laptop, desktop, power bank, and any other USB output available. This blender is not dishwasher saves, but the juice cup can be wash in dishwasher.

  • It is LightweightnIt is easy to carry aroundnIt is easy to charge from any device with a USB portnIt has safety features
  • Takes time to charge fully

Why You Need A Portable Blender?

How awesome it could have been if a full refrigerator could be taken around by traveler or for camping or in the office. How nice would it have been? But, technology has not improved to that extent to enables such. But, there is a small choice to make instant juice, smoothie, or anything. With a portable blender not only produces fresh fruit juice but allows you to carry the whole product anywhere, at any time.

A small combination of one allows you to prepare a fresh handful or two refreshing drinks with its sturdy little bleeding bottom that might surprise your partner and your colleagues.

Why you need a portable blender?

If you are a sportsman, sportswoman, gymnastics and you like to make healthier drinks such as protein shake, and others. Then sooner or later you will need a portable mixer and you will love it.

More so, nursing mother and some people who have particular health challenges/issues or those on a diet need to have and use a portable mixing machine. For fresh healthy foods and drinks at the inside or outside. You only need to supply fresh fruit, vegetables, and liquids.

Benefits Of Mini Portable Blender

Do you have a hand-held mixer? There are many health benefits associated with having a compact and rechargeable blender, and here are some:

Benefits Of Portable Blender

1. Stay Healthy: Natural or fresh shaking or juices are a great way to live a healthy lifestyle. The vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds your body needs to stay fit and healthy in the long term.

2. Save Medical Expenses: They say that prevention is better than cure. A portable blender is a great way to take vitamins and minerals that will strengthen your immune system, fight germs in the body, and prevent you from becoming ill or getting sick. A portable blender will help you save money.

3. Having Healthy Diets Maintained: Are you accustomed to shaking one or two per day as you realized you feel good about it? If you’re a bit like me, you won’t want to lose yourself or give up your healthy eating habits even when you’re traveling. We recommend you get a portable blender to enable you to get a smoothie cup again and again.

4. So Delicious and Very Interesting: The min blender allows you to take a cup of fresh, cold and natural smoothie, juice or smoothies on a sunny day. Isn’t it brand new? You can mix the fruit with ice cubes that will make them so cool and refresh on a sunny hot day.

If you do not have a portable blender, you can buy one today!

Which Portable Mini Blender Is Right for You?

It depends on your preferences and the types of drinks you want to make. Do you want to add lots of hard ingredients, ice, nuts, and vegetables to smoothies and shakes? Then a powerful blender is desirable in those situations/conditions, so like Portable Smoothie Blender by Yabano, G-TING Personal Smoothies Blender, SPOW Single Serve Personal Blender, Ayyie Personal Blender or, TTLIFE Personal Blender.

Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Blenders

Some key considerations to keep in mind when picking the right option:

Size and Weight of Bottles: Most Travel and sports portable blenders equipped with smaller containers. But you have to see whether the size is enough for the drink you are mixing and that the weight of the bottle will not be a problem as you move around it. And it must be portable to occupy little space in a bag.

Lithium-ion battery Back-up: The battery life-span is one of the most crucial factors needed to consider when buying a portable blender.

Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Blenders

Tastes/Output: The best travel blender will depend on your taste. The portions they produce is different, so choose a smaller one if you are eating light. Choose one that makes more parts if you eat more or want to share.

Cleaning: They need to clean quickly and easily.

Blades and engine power: Portable mixers are less powerful than standard mixers. In general, most market options have similar motor skills. There are several options for the blades, including the type of material and whether they are easy to clean.

Safety: Always choose products with free plastic from BPA so that you do not affect your health. Besides, it is advisable always to choose a blender that has dishwasher-safe features and components

Best portable blenders for travelers, sportsman, and woman, most notably a nursing mother with those considerations perfect options for you.

Final Thoughts

In this review, we have ascertained that the best portable Single Serve Personal Blender depends on individual preference and output size. But it is good to get one with adequate lithium-ion battery back-up and USB connection to power the blender. The best thing about the mixer is to be easy or straightforward to use and carry anywhere anytime. Which you can use to make all kinds of drink you want for easily. Besides, most of these portable blenders are affordable and durable for a long time.